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i-Finder Smart Cancer Screening Technology

New screening technology to protect your health

What is i-Finder?

i-FINDER Smart Cancer Screening uses a small amount of blood and advanced technology to measure the risk of 8 major cancers with biomarkers found in your blood.

Jointly developed with Seoul National University TIMRC through decades of research, i-Finder screens for and assesses 19 types of biomarkers with added considerations for formation of new blood vessels, overall status of immune system and metabolism flow.

The existing methods of detection mainly focus on tumour markers found in blood test. However, the detection rate for this is much lower and only possible with a tumour of significant size.

Cancers that can be detected with i-FINDER Smart Cancer Screening

i-Finder Screening Process

  • Questionnaire & Blood Collection
    A detailed questionnaire is filled out to gather information about the patient’s family history and risk factors. A small amount of blood is then taken for the screening.
  • Precision Blood Analysis
    Blood sample is analysed and assessed for risk of 8 major cancers
  • Review Consultation
    The results are explained to you by our doctor, with a follow-up plan and/or next steps to be taken customised according to the results

Highly accurate and convenient multi-cancer risk assessment at $1353.55 (incl. GST).

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