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nSTRIDE® Autologous Protein Solution (APS) Injection

APS (Autologous Protein Solution) Injection is an advanced, non-surgical regenerative therapy designed to treat osteoarthritis and slow down degeneration of joints and cartilage.

It uses your own blood components – specifically the white blood cells and platelet-rich plasma – to reduce inflammation and pain caused by degenerative changes.

Here’s how it works…

In osteoarthritis of the knee, there is a higher concentrate of inflammatory cytokines (bad proteins) compared to anti-inflammatory cytokines (good proteins).

The Autologous Protein Solution (APS) is obtained from your own blood by concentrating the white blood cells and platelets into a small volume of plasma. It is rich in anti-inflammatory cytokines (good proteins) and anabolic cytokines (helper proteins).

When injected into the knee joint, the anti-inflammatory cytokines (good proteins) neutralise the activity of inflammatory cytokines (bad proteins), which reduces inflammation and slows down the degeneration of the knee cartilage. 

The anabolic cytokines (helper proteins) also help to stimulate the synthesis of the cartilage matrix and repair the damaged tissues.

This procedure can be carried out in the familiar and comfortable environment of your doctor’s clinic.

Here are the other benefits associated with APS injections:

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment with little downtime
  • Single injection required in most cases
  • Significant improvement in pain levels and mobility
  • Little to no risks and side effects with autologous treatments


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