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Does your skin need a wake-up cure?

Try Chemical Peels.

Key benefits:

  • Exfoliates uppermost layer of the skin and removes dead skin cells
  • Promotes accelerated skin rejuvenation
  • Brightens and evens complexion, lightens blemishes and dark spots/patches
  • Unclogs pores & reduces comedones

Details of Procedure:

  • Takes about 30 to 45 mins
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal pain and discomfort

What's a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a procedure performed by trained medical personnel. It involves applying a chemical solution onto the skin to remove the top layer of skin cells (epidermis).

What does it treat?

Acne / Pimples

Acne Scarring

Wrinkles / Fine lines

Hyperpigmentation / Melasma

Uneven skin tone & texture, enlarged pores 

How It's Done

The process includes preparing the skin for application by using a facial cleanser and toner. Once the skin is clean and prepped, the chemical solution is applied in layers and massaged into the skin. After the solution has dried, moisturiser and sun protection is applied to the face to protect the skin. It is advisable to leave the solution on for about 24 hours without rinsing or cleansing the face for maximum effect.

Consult our doctor today to find out if chemical peels can help you with your skin related concerns.

frequently asked questions

how long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes roughly 30 to 45 mins to be completed.

is it painful?

While the process of applying the chemical solution can be slightly uncomfortable, it is not painful. It can burn a little and feel a little 'stingy', but there's usually no pain. The level of discomfort is also managed by how many layers of the chemical solution your skin can tolerate. 

what's the downtime?

There is virtually no downtime, other than the fact that your skin may look a little red/sunburnt right after the procedure. You should also avoid sweating or going for outdoor activities in the sun for at least a day or two after the procedure. This is to prevent possible damage to your skin from harsh UV rays as your skin is at its most sensitive right after the peel. Otherwise, you can proceed as per normal after a session of chemical peel. 

what do i need to take note of right after the peel?

Other than avoiding physical and/or outdoor activities for a day or two after the peel, you should also be careful not to introduce any harsh skincare products right after the peel (such as toners containing AHAs/BHAs, vitamin C serums, etc.). This is because your skin is very sensitive after the peel, and using active ingredients would not be advisable.

Your skin may also feel a little dry and flaky after the peel, and that's completely expected! Don't panic when it starts to peel. You can combat the dryness with using moisturiser as frequently as needed. But keep those itchy fingers away, you should not be picking or peeling at the dry skin!

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